No season. No limit. No fishing licence required

Our ponds are stocked with naturally fed brook, brown and rainbow trout.
Rainbow trout stocked regularly, brook and brown when available.
For the bait fisherman,
The entrance fee or admission is $10.00 plus HST, per fishing pole brought into the facility.
RainbowTrout $9.95 LB, Brown and Speckled Trout $10.95 LB, live weight. Large-Mouth Bass $5.95 LB. live weight.
There is no releasing for the bait fishing.
For the fly-fisherman, the rate is $17.50 for 1 hour of fishing or $25.00 for 4 hours.
Any injured fish will have to be kept and paid for by the fish @ the going rate per pound.
Fly Fishing with Barbless Flies Only

Bring your own equipment.

Our hours of operation are 8 am to sunset, 7 days a week.


Phone: 519-369-5717

Our fishing season starts in mid-April and ends at the end of September.